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Association / Board

Deutsche Schule Erbil

The school is operated by the association “Deutsche Schule Erbil”, which was founded in 2009. In 2010, the school started its first school year (grades 1-5).

In contrast to many other private schools, the Deutsche Schule Erbil is a non-profit organization. The entire income goes towards operating the school.


The school board consists of elected members of the association. The board usually meets once a month. Besides board members, members of the school leadership team, the head of the parents' association as well as the consul general of the German consulate in Erbil regularly attend the sessions.


The current members of the board are:


Mr. Bakhtiar Barezani (chairman)

Mr. Asso Beg

Ms. Antonias Nievelle

Ms. Anna Dimitrijevic

Dr. Hewa Mustafa


If you want to support the association and take an active role in shaping the school’s future, you are more than welcome to become a member of the association. The membership fee is 50 US-dollars per year.


from left to right: Dr. Hewa Mustafa, Asso Beg, Anna Dimitrijevic, Antonia Nievelle, Bakhtiar Barezani

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