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Karin Louanzi-Bissbort


Ms. Louanzi-Bissbort has been the principal of the German school in Erbil since 2024/2025. Her subjects are German and French.

Media Samagha

Deputy Principal

Ms. Samagha has been with the school since 2010 and serves as deputy principal. Her subjects are chemistry, natural sciences, and English.

Leadership team

Deutsche Schule Erbil

Holger Biek

Mr. Biek is head of elementary school (grades 1-4). His subjects are German, math, and natural sciences.

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Juliane Wicklein

Juliane Wicklein is our IB coordinator. Her subjects are German and Theory of Knowledge. She also manages the CAS program.


Andreas Schaller

Mr. Schaller is coordinator of our lower secondary school (grades 5-10). His subjects are math, physics, and computer science.

Deutche Schule Erbil

Aveen Miran

Ms. Aveen is a kindergarten teacher and serves as head of kindergarten/preschool (for children aged 3-6).

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