Teachers and staff

Deutsche Schule Erbil

Our staff comprises 22 teachers and about 25 administrative / support staff. We have a number of teachers from Germany, some of them from the German school system contracted by the Central Agency for German Schools Abroad to teach at our school for a number of years. In addition, Kurdish teachers cover a number of subjects, especially the Kurdish subjects religion, social studies, and the languages Kurdish and Arabic.


The employee representative committee represents all staff. The committee meets regularly with the principal.

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In the following we would like to introduce some of our staff to you:

Ms. Adieba

Ms. Adieba has been with the school since the beginning in 2010. Her subjects are Kurdish, Arabic, religion and social studies.

Deutsche Schule Erbil

Mr. Wria

Mr. Wria is a sports teachers and started working at the German school in 2011. He is also part of our afterschool program staff.

Deutsche Schule Erbil

Ms. Bouchet

Our French and English teacher Ms. Bouchet has been with the German school since February 2021.


Frau Wicklein

Ms. Wicklein has been a teacher at DSE since 2019. Her subjects are music, German, German as a foreign language, and Theory of Knowledge (TOK). She is also responsible for the Creativity/Activity/Service (CAS) program in our IB diploma program.


Mr. Schulte

Mr. Schulte has been a teacher with our school between 2017-2019 and again since 2021. His subjects are biology, history, geography, and computer sciences.

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Ms. Bafrin

Ms. Bafrin is part of our cleaning staff. She has been with the school since 2013 and helps make sure that our students can learn in a safe and clean environment.

Deutsche Schule Erbil

Ms. Maulod

German native Ms. Maloud has been with the school since its beginning in 2010. She is responsible for our school cafeteria.

Deutsche Schule Erbil

Ms. Shilan

As our school nurse, Ms. Shilan takes care of all the small and big problems that come up during the school day. She offers band aids for body and soul and ensures that our hygiene regulations are followed by students and staff.

Deutsche Schule Erbil