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Child care / Kindergarten / Pre-school

Deutsche Schule Erbil

The kindergarten of the German school in Erbil started in September 2010. Three- to six-year-old children get to enjoy an indoor setting with different rooms (meeting room, creative room, pre-school room, and a large foyer) that allows for a holistic learning experience. Outside, our kindergarten features a large playground with a big sandbox, slide, monkey bars, seesaw etc.

Our staff offer various playing opportunities and see what the children are currently interested in. They strive to help children make their own experiences and develop their own interests. In addition, we celebrate German and Kurdish holidays and special days throughout the year. For instance, we celebrate Christmas and "Fasching", but also the Kurdish Newroz.

All our staff speak German with the children. Through immersion, children who do not speak German acquire the German language. Our staff also speak Kurdish, so in appropriate situations, e.g. when a young child feels insecure, they can revert to Kurdish. Meetings with parents can take place in German or Kurdish.

One year prior to entering elementary school, our children receive additional support in our pre-school.



In general, we are able to accept children when they are three years old. Please make an appointment with the head of our kindergarten to discuss your child's specific situation, if you want to see our facilities, or if you have any questions.

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