IB Diploma Programme

Deutsche Schule Erbil
IB Diploma Programme

The German school in Erbil is an IB World School officially accredited by the IBO organization (www.ibo.org/school/051560/). After graduation from lower secondary school (grade 10), we offer the IB Diploma Programme in its bilingual form, i.e. we teach some of the subjects in German and some in English.


The IB diploma programme takes two years (grades 11/12) and includes the following subjects:


Higher Level


History (German)

Biology (German)


Standard Level

German (language and literature)

Chemistry (English)

Math (German)

Core elements

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

Creativity / Acitivity / Service (CAS)

Extended Essay


The IB diploma is recognized in most countries as a university entrance qualification, including Germany and Kurdistan/Iraq. Please find additional information regarding recognition of the IB diploma here: https://www.ibo.org/university-admission/recognition-of-the-ib-diploma-by-countries-and-universities/


The Kultusministerkonferenz in Germany (KMK) is recognizing the IB diploma as a university entrance qualification. Please find further information including a conversion table of IB diploma points to the German Abitur grade point average here: 



Additional information is available on the website of the German Academic Exchange Service:



The IB diploma is also recognized in the Kurdistan region of Iraq. If you intend to apply for medical school, engineering school or want to study a natural science, universities that use the admission process for public universities in Kurdistan require successful completion of the SAT II exam in physics in addition to the IB diploma.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.